Unity Web Player | Super Dillos

Half-assed controls list below!

Movement Arrow Keys
Jump Space
Fire Weapon F
Special D
Utility Action S
Mobility Action Shift
Cycle Weapon A
Cycle Character W/E
Somethin' Special - (Minus)

Character Weapon 1 Weapon 2
Special Utility Mobility

Gmun Ninja Stars (higher damage from wall bounces) some Sword
ゴロゴロ (bounce off walls in some jump attack) Dillo Morph Dillo Dash (MMX-like dash)

Gmun (Dillo) D's Nuts (fast spammable wallbouncing bullets) D's Nuts
D's Nuts Dillo Morph Shock Burst (forcefieldish)

Nio (can wall-jump) Bunnyslug Toss Vocarunic Boom (echoes off surfaces
Harvest Swoon (see below) Grapple Klaws Katnip (speed boost, climb walls)

Nio - Harvest Swoon Normal: ... some weapon you hold to charge Side: NioJersey Cowbell (summon rideable cow) Up: Farmgirl Tears (jump emitting tears) Down: Green Dragon Crescent Shovel (pogo stick, hold button)

Raka Putracat... paint Buck 'o Paint (shotgunish paint)
Genocider Painty (straight line, explode in impact, paints) Submerge... appear wherever you last painted Levitater (toggle, move any direction)

GTM Killy Cakes (... eat them after hitting enemy to heal) Potent Pastries (poison... don't eat your own stuff)
Chompers, eats pastries, low-health enemies Great Ramen (toss bowl, drops ramen) GTM Grease Slide... slippery but adds momentum

Ryoko (can walljump) Bloodsuckers, drain hp Knives, 1 for damage, 2nd absorbs
Shadow Children, shoots at anything above Mistress Signal (warp to ryoko babbys) Shadow Ryoko (... invincible dash)

Agesbot Ages Missile Agesbeam
Agesbaby (hold to control, hold+Utility to kill) Agesgate (... only noticeable this at one spot, switches some things) Agesboy/Agesgirl (swap between different movement styles)

SantaRPG Rudolf the Red Nose (boomerangish) Santa Buster (huge "sword")
Santa's Balls (season-aware snowballs... default to random) Snowfort (stackable building blocks!) Santa's Bag (slightly lifts)

Hobokates Wave Beam Love Pistols (homing)
Shining Force Freezer, freezes enemies Hobopak